Friday, March 26, 2010


Do you believe in dreams.  I do!  Disney was a dream that came true.  Walking down Main Street USA toward Cinderella's castle didn't seem real. There I was a little girl again staring up at this beautiful castle wondering what was going on in side, which bedroom was Cinderella's.  Would I see any movement inside behind the curtains to show me this was real.  No matter how many times I stood in front of the castle and looked at it, I still became that child in awe of what I saw.  Disney is definatly the most magical place on earth.  The place where all your dreams can come true. 
To watch my children with thier innocent expressions and the excitment in thier eyes is a site that is burned perminatly in my heart.  The week was magical and we can not wait to go again!


  1. Oh what fun...My son and family are leaving today for Disney World...ENJOY!!!! Cathy

  2. They will have such a magical experience. As Mickey said"If you believe, dreams do come true".